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Longing For (Track Three)


Funny, Is it not,

how time moves by so quickly

when you do not want it to pass,

but when you are alone,

you know this hour is longer than the last


Children play,

and I see the joy that I once had,

but now those days are gone

and I am left alone,

nobody to accompany me

And I say-


There's no turning back

the hands of time

and there is no changing veiws

through these eyes of mine

there is not right to wrong,

or there is not wrong to make it right

but of one thing I am sure of,

I will always be longing for love.

Sadding, is it not,

how I once had a love

of my own,

but I lost him to somebody else

And I am left alone.

If you choose to tkae this road I have

chosen, you will understand why I

can't let it go, the very thought

That I hold...

OOh, you can't even immagine how

I can't even try to let it go.


The days that I long for

are nowhere to be seen

and the mood I long to feel

has never been heard-



yeah, you know that I'll always be

longing for....

For love

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