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Jennifer Marks Interview

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Who were your musical influences? - Click for sound clip

I was influenced musicly by I think a lot of the bands that my dad and my mom were kind of listening to, first and foremost. Which were bands like The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac and a Cream. And I know my dad listened to Elvis and people like that. My mom was the disco queen and would listen to all kinds of disco music with a side of soul music and stuff like that. So I think I was very influenced by that, and the music there that I was listening to growing up, that was playing in my house. Of course I found my own way later on in life. I have some favorites of my own like Aimee Mann, and Liz Phair and Tori Amos, people like that.

What's CD's do you usually listen to? - Click for sound clip

I have been listening to Outkast and Switchfoot. I love the first couple songs on that record just blow me away. And a gentleman named Chuck Prophet has been in my CD player recently. I will go back to CD's like Fleetwood Mac - Rumours. I was listening to Liz Phair - White Chocolate Space Egg the other day. I have a lot of independent artists I listen to.

If you had to pick one band, who would be your favorite? - Click for sound clip

No, don't do that to me. Oh no, really? All time favorite. I know it's boring but I would have to say The Beatles. I just never get bored of their music. When you know how they did it, on a Four Track. Oh my god, this is unbelievable.

What made you personally start singing and writing songs, and playing guitar? - Click for sound clip

I started singing because I was a tom-boy and I got to a point where when I was playing football with the guys, they weren't going after the ball anymore, they were grabbing for other things. So I had to find a different outlet. So I started singing, then I started writing because I had gone into the city to hear Nile Rogers speak who has produced huge artists like Madonna, and he said don't think you can make any money doing just the singing, you gotta be doing the writing. So I went home and started writing songs, and basically spent my college years learning how to write. I met a lot of different songwriters from NY and got really lucky to work with a some amazing people. I had a lot of things make it to television and movies and then just kind of started learning for myself and the guitar I started about 4 years ago so I could start getting out there and singing for myself and touring and stuff like that.

Of all your songs, which one are you most proud of? - Click for sound clip

Ooooo. Hmmmm. Wow, that's like asking me, which child do you like the best?  You know. I don't think I could pick one. There's some days some songs hit me harder than others. I think overall I would feel bad for the rest of them if I picked one.

Do you have any nicknames? - Click for sound clip

Do I have any nicknames? Yeah, you know, I have a couple. Plenty of people call me red which is obvious. I get JM, that's really it. I wish I could come up with something very fast that's clever and people would just start calling me that, but I'm just not that quick.

If you could tour with anybody, dead or alive, who would it be? - Click for sound clip

Oooo. Wow, dead or alive, ok. Ummm. Well, I guess that it would be a toss up between John Lennon and Elvis. Those shows must have been really fun. I love both their personas and John Lennon's songwriting is incredible. I almost feel like I would never get bored watching them night after night. I think Elvis would entertain me every night. I think part of this is, you have to have fun while you're doing it, otherwise why are you doing it?  It's too hard. You know, it's too strenuous if there's no joy in it.

What's your favorite part of the business? - Click for sound clip

Umm, hmmm. I think my favorite part if that I love the process of sitting down, writing a song, and then finishing it. But I think the thing that really keeps me going is the life performances. It's there that all of a sudden I'm getting feedback. I've thrown all this energy in this project, and it could sit in my room and do nothing. Getting out there and having people react to things, and say hey, you're talking about me in that song. That to me is the best part.

Do you find the music business interfering with your personal life? - Click for sound clip

Wow, that's a heavy question. Yeah, I don't get to see my family as much as I'd like. I don't get to see my husband as much as I'd like. But I think we all knew when I signed on for this. It's an amazing trip. Everything has sacrifices you know. Having a baby (not that I have one) is great. You know. I'm sure when I have a child it will be great, but at the same time there will be sacrifices that will have to be made. I don't know if I would call it interfering, I would call it... yeah interfering is fine. It's hard. I'm on the road a lot and you're away from a lot of things that you love. Your creature compforts. It's worth it too. I have so much support from my family, husband and friends that I feel like if it becomes where I'm on the road all the time, people will come see me. And I'll have a big party on the tour bus and we'll spend a week touring the country, or something like that.


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