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Jet Bio
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Nic Cester - Guitar & Vocals

Chris Cester - Drums & Vocals

Cameron Muncey - Guitar & Vocals

Mark Wilson - Bass


Jet not only knows how to rock like many of the popular bands of the new millennium, but unlike many, they also know how to roll, so well that Jet has become the epitome of rock n' roll in the 21st century.


The Cester brothers, Nic and Chris grew up in Melbourne, Australia, on the classic rock of their parents day. The Cester brothers found the music to be exceptional and found The Beatles acclaimed album, 'Abbey Road', to be especially good. C. Cester would bang on the couch cushion with chop sticks to a recording of "Mean Mr. Mustard" right along with the recording of Beatles drummer, Ringo Starr. The Chester brothers formed an imaginary rock band called 'The Boys', and they would use a tennis racket as a fake guitar and even play imaginary gigs.


The boys dreamed big, and as the new millennium was approaching Nic Cester (guitar/vocals), Chris Cester (drums/vocals), Cameron Muncey (guitar/vocals), and Mark Wilson (bass) formed a band. With 'Abbey Road' being a favorite album of the Cester brothers while growing up, it was only natural that they would turn to The Beatles for inspiration on a band name. In 1973 former Beatle, Paul McCartney released a song entitled 'Jet' off of the album 'Band on the Run'. This as you all know, became the name of the band.


Luckily for Jet, Australian natives, The Vines, were gaining world wide popularity just as their own humble beginnings were happening back in Melbourne. In 2002 Jet self released an EP entitled 'Dirty Sweet' which was limited to 2,000 vinyl only albums. Jet's ability to effortlessly make a concert rock helped the band to take off full force the following year.

In early 2003 Jet signed an American deal with Elektra Records and Dirty Sweet was domestically released in May of the same year. Dave Sarday (Marilyn Manson) produced Jet's first full length album with Elektra Records which was entitled 'Get Born'. The album was recorded at Sunset Sound Studios in Los Angles, California. Partway through recording 'Get Born' Jet got a call to perform in the opening slot on the Australian leg of The Rolling Stones tour. Jet obviously took the gig.


'Get Born' was released in November of 2003. C.Cester has been quoted saying that the title 'Get Born' has two meanings: ' It's basically a reminder to forget your problems and celebrate the moment instead. It's a rejection of all those feelings of negativity or depression you might get. It's a heartfelt thing, and that's where that primal energy comes through the music.'


Megan Carriero

January 2005


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