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Jessica Simpson Lyrics

Where I Go (Miles To Go)


When I can't see your face

Feel your embrace (feel you)

I know your out there baby thinkin' of me

I just wanna be

Just wanna be

I wanna be with you


I think of what I can do

I think of you

I think of the day

when I hear you say

"No matter where I go you'll be here"

Miles to go when your not here

And I'll be there

Where I go where you are

And it'll be miles to go when your not here

Where I go

Miles to go where you'll be, and I'll be standin' smillin' at you again

No matter where I go


When I go where you are in the sky

I'll be standin there and I'll look up and wonder why

Why'd you go from me?

My love, tell me why when I see you again and we'll be

By the sea

I'll draw a heart for you in the sand

But baby, it don't matter where we are, sea or land


[Repeat chorus twice]


I no (no, no no)

I'll never forget those days

When we were together

We'll be



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