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Incubus tabs @ 911Tabs

Artist: Incubus

Song: I Miss You

Album: Make Yourself

Year: 1999

Versions: 2








I Miss You - Incubus

Tabbed by: Adam Wood (



Tune Low E down to D

















These are not exact tabs, just ideas of where this is being played



























Reapeat all



Again, some parts of this are not exact tabs, but good ideas of where it is being played. I'm sure once you learn the tabs and maybe play with the cd you'll have the song down.








Incubus "Drive"

Transcribed by: Chris Saunders


I fooled around with the other Drive tab that was written and came up with this


The tuning is slightly different than a simple drop D, it is a DAD GAD tuining. It is used alot in folk music.


*Tune the bass string down to D, then tune the high E string down to D to match the bass string. Then tune the second highest string to A (the same as the second lowest string). The tuning creates more of a drone sound to it and makes things sound more open.


Im not going to write down all the exact notes but here are the chords


Intro and Verse

*=false harmonic(play the note with your finger on the string and over the fret but don't push the string down. You should get the ringing sound)









Chorus (These are the chords, but there in everything but the right timing. Listen to the song to get the flow of it. If you have Napser, download the acoustic version, it is much easier to hear the guitar. Second, don't be confused by the chords that are close togeather, they are different voicings of the same chord that you can hear if you really listen. Mike is a really good guitar player and this is some fairly technical playing, but it is one of my favorite songs ever.









The Last Chord










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The Tablature is Copyright its respective owners.

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