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Why sus Chords are neither Major nor Minor


You will note that in this chord (and in all the "sus4" chords) you don't find the name "A major sus 4 " but only " A sus 4 ", the reason why is that these chords are hybrid chords, so you can't say if they are major or minor kind. To let you understand, any kind of chord is composed by three notes: the 1st, the 3rd and the 5th. In the case of "A" the first is A, the the third is C# and the fifth is E. In the case of "A sus4 " you change the third note with the fouth note that is D, and you have a chord made by A-D-E instead of A-C#-E. Now the note to complete the chord is the third (usually named Third major), so if you want to make a minor kind of chord, you must lessen the third note a half-tone, so the note changes from C# to C, in this way (with C named Third minor) you have made a minor chord. The "A major "chord is A-C#-E , the "A minor" chord is A-C-E . In the case of "sus 4" you replace the third with the fourth (C# with D) and "A sus4" is now A-D-E and you are unable to say if the chord is major or minor kind.


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