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Guitar Transcription of "Christie Road", by Green Day


Written By Billie Joe Armstrong


Christie Road


This is off of their second album KERPLUNK, and I hope you already knew that.

I didn't write out the fingerings for the chords, because they are simple

barre chords. This is my first transcription, and I hope this is

right. Somebody else posted this song in FTP, but the file was REALLY messed


Comments, corrections, etc., are welcome, and enjoy!


Tuned half-step down(Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)


When you see (PM), Palm mute that chord)


When you see this asterisk*, play this-

Play D chord open, twice, then pull-off the F# note(high e string, 2nd

fret)play that three times, then this(riff 1)-





Verse 1:



Staring out of my window



Watching the cars go rollin by



My friends are gone,



I've got nothing to do*




So I sit here patiently



Watchin' the clock tick so slowly



Gotta get away,



Or my brains will explode*




C5 G5 D(open)

Give me somethin to do to kill some time*

C5 G5 D(open)

Take me to that place that I call home*

C5 G5 D(open)

Take away the strains of being lonely

(for this part, play the chords, each once)

C5 G5 D(open)

Take me to the tracks at Christie Road


Verse 2:


See the hills from afar


Standin on my beat up car


The sun went down


And the night fills the sky*



Now I feel like me once again


As the train comes a rollin' in


Smoked my boredom gone


Slapped my brains up so high*




Then play this(riff 2)-


G5 F5 C5 (repeat about 5 or 6 times, I can't remember how many)


Then play this twice-


G5 B5 F5

Mother stay out of my way

G5 B5 F5

Of that place we go

G5 B5 F5

We'll always seem to find our way

G5 B5 F5

To Christie Road


Then play this once-


C5 F5 G5

If there's one thing that I need

C5 F5 G5

That makes me feel complete

C5 F5 G5

So I go to Christie Road


It's home

G5(PM, then don't PM)

It's home

(bass riff)


Riff 2-


G5 F5 C5 F5 G5 F5 C5 F5 G5 F5 C5 F5 G5 F5 C5 F5


It's home It's home It's home


I hope this was correct, and I hope this becomes a help to you. It took me

and my brother,, to figure this out. As I wrote before,

comments and questions are welcome, and if you would like another song by GD

to be tabbed out, e-mail me. Right now I am working on These two songs on

Kerplunk: 80, and Private Ale.

If you have the transcription for About a Girl, by Nirvana, please tell me.

No! I am joking. Even the worst guitarist can figure that one out!


"Don't eat yellow snow."





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The Tablature is Copyright its respective owners.

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