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Goldfinger tabs @ 911Tabs


 99 Red Balloons

Covered by Goldfinger

from the album "Stomping Ground"


This is an incredibly simple song...most of the song is just

these 4 notes in the "Main riff" does many things here which

you can time for yourself, like when it does the bass ska-beats,

staccatos and in one part it does shots; but it's all the same notes.

It's still a kickass song though.


Kelly LaMieux plays this song with a pick...if you care to emulate

his style on this song, you should too...also, the bass has a more

deep, full, sound for those with cool tone controls. No distortion or

effects, except for a bit of a wah effect at the ending on the bass (no

big deal if you don't have a wah, it sounds fine without it too).


Bass tacit all through "...You and I at a little toy shop...99 Red

Balloons go..."; then guitar starts up a bit.


Intro: (on the word "", rests 2 bars, then)


G: ----------------------------------------------

D: ----------------------------------------------

A: ----------------------------------------------

E: ---0--------------------------------0---------


Bridge: (For want of a better word!)


G: ----------------------------------------------

D: ----------------------------------------------

A: -----7-7------7-------------------------------

E: -----------9------9---2--h-4-p-2--0-----------


G: ----------------------------------------------

D: ----------------------------------------------

A: ------7-7-------7-----------------------------

E: -------------9--------9---7--7--7--9----------


Main riff: (i.e. through verses and mini-solos)


G: ----------------------------------------------

D: ----------------------------------------------

A: -------------0-----2--------------------------

E: --0----2--------------------------------------

(hit each note 5 times)


At the ending it goes through the main riff quietly

without a pick, and only plays each note once

instead of 5 times. Piece of cake. Enjoy!!


Any comments/marvels at the amasing bass skills needed

to tab this complex piece, send to


Tabbed by Lord Whitey the Omniscient


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