The following are solutions to possible problems you may encounter while visiting my website:


How do I Contact You?

You can Contact me by clicking here.

Are you related to the band?

I am not in any of the bands, related to, or affiliated with any of the bands on my site.

How do I contact a band?

Try going to their official site, or go to www.google.com and search for their contact info. Usually, bands are extremely busy and do not have time to answer the thousands and thousands of fan letters. Another good thing to try is their fan club.

I'm having trouble finding something on your site, what do I do?

I strive to make navigation through my website easy to do. Sometimes you may find yourself "lost" somewhere in my site. One way to find yourself again is to perform a keyword search. Just do not type in quotes or numbers. More FAQ on searching my website can be found here. Also, my navigation menu on the left hand side is sometimes partially hidden by your browser window. Be sure to scroll up and down with the navigation menu open to see the full listing of bands. If all else fails, you can always Contact me.

I'm trying to play a Video or Sound and it won't work?

The sounds and videos on my website usually require a plug-in like Quicktime or Windows Media Player. If you do not have them installed on your computer, odds are the sound or video will not work properly. Visit these links to get Quicktime or to get Windows Media Player.

I've searched your website and it doesn't have what I want?

If you cannot find what you want, try a search at the top left or bottom left of my site first. If you have no luck there, try a google search at the bottom of the search results page. Be sure to click the button for "search mattsmusicpage.com". If you still have no luck because I don't have what you're looking for, try Contacting me and I will add it as soon as I can.

My favorite band is not featured on your site, how do I get it here?

If you want a band added to my website, please check my bands to be added list here first. If your favorite band is not on the list, or you really want me to add the band, just let me know by simply Contacting me. I update my content quite frequently. I will attempt to add new bands as often as I can.

Whenever I search for something on your site, it says No Results Found?

When using the search function of my website, there are a few rules you must follow to properly find what you're looking for. First of all, DO NOT use quotes around your keywords. If you do, you will always receive no results found. Second, you cannot use numbers either. For example, if searching for 3 doors down, you should type in three doors down for your search. To find info on 311 use the search keywords three eleven. Once again, remember to never use quotes. I also now have a Google search of my site available via my search page.

Why doesn't the navigation menu ever appear?

There are two likely reasons why you may not see a nav menu. The first is a bug with Netscape. For some reason, you may have to click the reload/refresh button or the STOP button a few times before the nav menu appears if you are using Netscape. Second, if you do not have a Java enabled browser, you will not be able to see my nav or many other useful features of my website. If your browser does not support java, you may want to download a browser like Internet Explorer or Netscape.

Why is it printing all your nav menus, ads, background color, etc. when all I want to print is the lyrics?

If you are trying to print out tabs, lyrics, etc. you may find that it's taking forever to print since all my nav menus, ads, etc. are being printed as well. The easiest way to solve this problem is simple. Before you go to file | print    highlight all the text you want to print out. Then go to the file menu and click print. There will be an option, usually under "Print Range" to choose "Selection." Selection will allow you to print out only the selection which you have highlighted. This will save a great deal of time while printing. If the background color of my site is being printed as well, you need to disable the setting "print background images." This is usually located under Tools| Options| Advanced in Internet explorer.

Who is Matt?

Matt is the creator/operator of Matt's Music Page. I run this website all by myself :) If you're interesting in learning more, you can Contact me here.

Why don't the midi sounds work?

In order for the midi files to work, you must have quicktime installed on your computer. More specifically, you need the "Quicktime Music" and "Quicktime Musical Instruments" components installed. Once quicktime is installed on your system, the other two components will automatically be installed if they are not already on your computer. The installation of Windows Media Player 6.0 or higher can be done instead of quicktime to allow the .mid files to work. This installation only needs to be done ONCE!

Why are there so many ads?

Recently, the number of visitors my website receives has greatly increased. With the increased demand, I was forced to have my own dedicated server. Unfortunately, Due to the drastic cost of my dedicated server, I am forced to have all the ads on my site to pay for the added expense. I constantly work very hard to keep the ads to a minimum. I hope your experience at my website is not an unhappy one. If you have any comments, complaints, be sure to contact me.

How do I advertise on your website?

It is incredibly easy to advertise on my website. Simply contact me with a proposal and we can negotiate a deal :) If you are a band, I am also willing to negotiate a deal to promote your band on my site! Once again, simply contact me with a proposal.


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