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Evanescence tabs @ 911Tabs

"Going Under" - Written and Preformed by Evanescence

Tabbed by: Jesse Davies (









The guitar is tuned VERY low in this song


Take it to Drop-D, then down a full step and a half


Db --------------------------

Ab --------------------------

Eb --------------------------

B --------------------------

Gb --------------------------

B --------------------------








Db --------------------------

Ab --------------------------

Eb --------------------------

B ---------------------------

Gb -00--0-0------00--0-00----

B --00--0-0------00--0-00----




Pre-Chorus (transcribed from piano)



Db ---------------------------------------

Ab ----------------------------------------

Eb ---7-7-7-7----7-7-7-7-------------------

B --3-3-3-3----5-5-5-5----3-3-3-3--2-2----

Gb -----------------------1-1-1-1--0-0-0-=-

B ----------------------------------------


I'm diving again









B5 A5 D5 D/B5

Db --------------------------------

Ab --------------------------------

Eb --------------------------------

B ----------33-3/----------55-----

Gb -0-0--000-11-1/-3-3--333/33-----

B -0-0--000-------3-3--333/55-----






B5 A5 D5 C/D5

Db -------------------------------

Ab -------------------------------

Eb -------------------------------

B ----------33-3\----------------

Gb -0-0--000-11-1\-3-3--333/33-33-

B -0-0--000-------3-3--333/22-22-


B5 A5 D5 D/B5

I'm going under

B5 A5 D5 C/D5

Drowning in you

B5 A5 D5 D/B5

I'm falling forever

B5 A5 D5 C/D5

I've got to break through


I'm going under







A5 G#5 B5 B5


Db --------------------------------------------

Ab --------------------------------------------

Eb --------------------------------------------

B --3333-3333--2222-2222----------------------

Gb --1111-1111--0000-0000--0000-0000-0000-0000-

B ------------------------0000-0000-0000-0000-



So go on and scream


Scream at me


So far away {so far away}


I won't be broken again

A5 G#5

I've got to breathe


B5 (guitar solo)

I can't keep going under






(needs some work but this will play over the rhythm guitar (chorus riff) )


Db ---------------------------------------

Ab ------------------6p5p3-5p3------------

Eb ----------------------------3p2-5-5h7--

B --------3h5p3h7~-----------------------

Gb -----3h5-------------------------------

B --5h7----------------------------------



Db -------------------------------------

Ab --10^10-10-10~-8---------------------

Eb -----------------10-10h12p10-9-9p7~--

B -------------------------------------

Gb -------------------------------------

B -------------------------------------





then go to prechorus , chorus, end on verse riff (B5)



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The Tablature is Copyright its respective owners.

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