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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#

#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #

#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #




{title: The Love Thieves}

{subtitle: Depeche Mode - 'Ultra' (97)}



{define: Am+7 - 576555 or 002110}

{define: C#m - 446654}

{define: D - xx0232 or 557775}

{define: Dm7 - 557565 or xx0211}

{define: Dm+7 - xx0221}

{define: E - x22454}

{define: F#m - 244222}

{define: F#m6 - 244242}

{define: Hm7 - 224232}


{comment: you can throw away all the +7 or 6,}

{comment: but some piece of DM spirit will be lost ;-)}



F#m F#m








D C#m









Oh the [D]tears that you weep

For the [Dm+7]poor tortured souls

Who [F#m]fall at your feet

With their [Dm7]love begging bowls

All the [F#m]clerks and the tailors

The [E]sharks and the sailors

All [D]good at their trades

But they'll [Hm7]always be failures




[D]Alms for the poor

For the [Dm+7]wretched disciples

And the [F#m]love that they swore

With their [Dm7]hearts on the Bible

[F#m]Beseeching the honour

To [E]sit at your table

And [D]feast on your holiness

As [Hm7]long as they're able


[Dm+7]Love needs its martyrs

[F#m6]Needs its sacrifices

[Dm]They live for your beauty

[Am+7]And pay for their vices

[Dm+7]Love will be the death of

[F#m6]My lonely soul brothers

[Dm]But their spirit shall live on in

[Am+7]The hearts of all lovers


[D]You're holding court

With your [Dm+7]lips and your smile

Your [F#m]body's a halo

Their [Dm7]minds are on trial

Sure as [F#m]Adam is Eve

Sure as [E]Jonah turned whaler

[D]They're crooked love thieves

And [Hm7]you are their jailor


{comment: well, just look above...}

Love needs its martyrs

Needs its sacrifices

They live for your beauty

And pay for their vices

Love will be the death of

My lonely soul brothers

But their spirit shall live on in

The hearts of all lovers



{comment: if here is something wrong, please, e-mail me}

{comment: or e-mail me for no special reason... :-)}



From: Max Stepanov, Russia, St.Petersburg




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