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David Bowie tabs @ 911Tabs

David Bowie

Five Years



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>From album "the rise and fall of ZIGGY STARDUST and the spiders from mars" 1972

taken from the book "the songs of david bowie"


Any comments are wellcomed at


Rythm: 3/4

Scale: G



FIVE YEARS / David Bowie



G F#m

pushing thru' the market square

Em C

so many mother sighing


News had just come over

C G Am

We had five years left ti cry in



News guy wept and told us

earth eas really dying

Cried so much, his face was wet

Then i knew he was not lying.


G Am G

I heard telephones, opera house, favorite melodies

Bm Em

I saw boys, toys, electric irons and T.V's


My brain hurt like a ware house, it had no room to spare


I had to cram so many things to store ev'ry thing in there


And all the fat skinny people

C Am

And all the tall short people

C G Am G

And all the nobody people

C G Am D7

And all the somebody people

Am C G Am

I never thought i'd need so many people




A girl my age went off her head

Hit some tiny children

If the black had not puled her off

I think she would have killed them


A soldier with a broken arm

Fixed his state to the wheels of a Cadilac

A cop Knelt and kissed the feet of a priest

And a queer threw up at at the sight of that


G F#m

I think i saw you in an ice cream parlour


Drinking milkshakes cold and long


smiling and waving and looking so fine


Don't think you knew you were in this song


G Am G

And it was cold, and it rained, so i felt like an actor

F#m Em

And i thoought of Ma, and i wanted to get back there


Your face, Your race, the way that you talk

C G Am

I kiss you, you're beautifull, I want you to walk. we got


G Bm

[[: five years stuck on my eyes


five years what a surprise we got


five years my brain hurts a lot


five years that's all we got we've got :]]



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