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The Stone

By: Dave Matthews Band

Transcribed by: Adam Hill


ok, hi everybody. my name is adam and i will be submitting tablature for this website over the course of the next few weeks or so. i will focus mainly on the more popular and/or technical songs as they are played in live versions. i like the studio work but on most of the studio albums, the true basslines are often obscured by several guitar tracks and keyboards. also, on all of the live cd's, stefan's sound and tone are readily discernable. and if you've ever seen them live, as i'm assuming most of you have, stefan's sound is CRANKED...oh, and one more thing, i would like to say that stefan is an incredible bass player. the style that he uses to play is mainly rooted (i think at least) in jazz. however, he also has the uncanny ability to take simple chord progressions (most of dave's songs are really simple progressions if you take them apart) and turn them into wonderfully melodic bass lines. i am particularly impressed with the fills he throws in from time to time. now for a little info on this song: if you've seen the listener supported video, you'll notice that this song was played on a Modulus Quantum 5 String (list $3000 or so). since not everone has a 5 string bass, i will include how i learned to play it, on a 4 string (in drop D tuning) and how i play it now that i have a 5 string bass. now, stefan never uses drop "D" tuning because he has 4, 5, and 6 string basses so he never has to. and by the way, these are just the notes, i didn't include the rhythm markings for the fact that most of the notes are set off of the main beat (for good reason) and because there is so much subdividing of beats going on. the rhythm isn't that tough though....listen to listener supported, the bass lines stand out well. and now for my interpretation of the song. i'm a perfectionist so i try to get it right.


/ = slide up

= slide down


Drop "D" tuning (D A D G)



repeat until dave starts singing







repeat part several times




D-0----5--/---/---/---<--very fast slides up and down the fretboard

the first time through, the song just repeats back to the intro after verse



after verse two, stefan plays this next little diddy as a transition to the



breakdown before chorus:

(play it with a swing feel)






then the total mood change,

chorus: three beat swing feel (repeat a few times)






after the sweet melodic chorus, the "post-chorus jam"

repeat a few times:





then go back to the verse.


one more thing:

after the third time through the verse and chorus, the song repeats back to

the intro and then back into the verse for one more time through. this time,

stefan plays the transition to the extended chorus an octave lower than the

previous times goes like this:








this is basically it for the four string version. believe it or not, this is

not a difficult song to play. the key is to add little fills (especially in

the chorus and the long, quiet breakdown after the last verse). while you're

playing, try to literally keep the feel by moving your body up and down on

the accented beats. it's a groove thing that comes with playing lots of bass

guitar. watch the video to listener supported and watch how stefan keeps

time. in this case, since this song is in 6/4, you should be moving slowly

to a fast six beat measure with the accents on 1 and 4. phew. anyway, have

fun with this.



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The Tablature is Copyright its respective owners.

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