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Coldplay tabs @ 911Tabs

Artist: Coldplay

Song: Politik

Album: A Rush of Blood to the Head

Tabbed By: Angus Jones <>




I've had the album for two days now, this is the opening track, and it's a goodie.

I've divided up the song into three parts, there is really no traditional

verse chorus verse bridge in this song.


Part 1


All of part one aint no thang, just a C5 (x355xx) and an F5 (133xxx)


The beginning you just pound out in time, which is not hard to figure out

and after that I play the chord once per line.



Look at earth from outer space


Everyone must find a place


Give me time, and give me space

F5(You get it)

Give me real, don't give me fake

Give me strength, reserve, control

Give me heart, and give me soul

Give me time, give us a kiss

Tell me your a politik


(Big mash time here, just like the intro)

Open up your eyes

Open up your eyes


(Slow again)

Give me one, cause one is best

In confusion, confidence

Give me peace of mind, and trust

Don't forget the rest of us

Give me strength, reserve, control

Give me heart, and give me soul

Wounds that heal, and cracks that fix

Tell me your a politik


(Mash time)

And open up your eyes

Open up your eyes

Open up your eyes

Open up your eyes

Just open up your eyes


Part 2


This part features some cool sounding chord voicings that are strummed slowly so

thateach note is defined clearly and then all blend in together.


G# (xx6898) D# (xx1343) D#sus4 (xx1344) Every time it's listed that's one slow



Starts with G#


Give me love over,


love over

D#sus4 D# G#

love over this.

G# D#sus4 D#sus4 D#


(Same thing second time around)

Give me love over,

love over

love over this.



Part 3


The nifty outro (that sounds really cool played backwards.)


It's played in this order, you should be able to figure out the timing.

F(133111) A#m(x13321) C#m(x35543) D#sus4 (xx1344) D# (xx1343)


End on F



I've got a few others from this CD figured out, and I'll eventually tab them out

for you if you need, as of right now I've got "God Put a Smile On Your Face" and

"The Scientist" all figured out. Oh, and by the way, if any of the above is

incorrect please email, and dont be afraid of ridiculing me as you point out my



Enjoy, stay mellow, peace.


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The Tablature is Copyright its respective owners.

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