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The Clash

Police On My Back



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From uunet!wupost!rice!RICEVM1.RICE.EDU!MHIRS00 Wed Sep 2 23:17:13 PDT 1992

Article: 1991 of



From: MHIRS00@RICEVM1.RICE.EDU (Hirsh, Marc Bennett)

Subject: "Police on My Back," the Clash version

Message-ID: <16856D460.MHIRS00@RICEVM1.RICE.EDU>

Sender: (News)

Organization: Rice University

Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1992 20:06:08 GMT

Lines: 65


Could someone tell me what the intro line of "Police on My Back" off of

"Sandanista!" is? As near as I can tell, it's








but that doesn't sound right to me. Not siren-like enough. Am I just using

the wrong kind of distortion, or am I hitting the wrong notes? And, because

I started this mess, I'll finish it by adding the chords...



Well, I'm running


Police on my back


Can you help me?


Police on my back


I am hiding


Police on my back


They were shooting


Police on my back


I've been running Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday


Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Running Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday


Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


What have I done?


What have I done?

(back to verse with other words)


Words are probably wrong, so if someone could post those, that would also be

neat:). And the bassline would be awesome, since Paul Simonon is blasting

away. And what about "White Riot" (which is just A, D, and E, but the bassline

is wicked awesome) ?


Let's also see if someone hasn't figured out Richard Lloyd's brilliant solos

in Matthew Sweet's "Divine Intervention" (I can give someone the rhythm part

if they really want it), "I've Been Waiting" (can someone post the whole

song?), and "Evangeline," which is fairly easy except for that damn brilliant



Marc Hirsh


"If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down?

we might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason."

---snappy end-of-file sign-off quote from Jack Handey, that deep guy


\ /

^ ---ugly red source of all evil, who's a wacky guy in and of himself







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