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C |-----| D |-----| F |------| F# |-----| G |-----| A |-----|

|-----| |-----| |------| |-----| |-----| |-----|

|--5--| |--7--| |--10--| |-----| |-----| |-----|

|--5--| |--7--| |--10--| |--4--| |--5--| |--7--|

|--3--| |--5--| |--8---| |--4--| |--5--| |--7--|

|-----| |-----| |------| |--2--| |--3--| |--5--|


G# |-----| F |-----|

|-----| |-----|

|-----| |--2--|

|--6--| |--3--|

|--6--| |--3--|

|--4--| |--1--|


part A (verse):


E |-----------------------------------------|

B |-----------------------------------------|

G |--5---7---10--7---5--5--7----------------|

D |--5---7---10--7---5--5--7--4---4-4-4--5--|

A |--3---5---8---5---3--3--5--4---4-4-4--5--|

E |---------------------------2---2-2-2--3--|

the verse progression goes C-D-F-D-C-D-F#-G


sometimes, the guitar stops playing and the bass plays the verse

like this:

G |-----------------------------------------|

D |-----------------------------------------|

A |--3---5---8---5---3--3--5----------------|

E |---------------------------2---2-2-2--3--|

and the guitar comes in and plays chords every once in a while


part B:


this part comes in around the lines "never been wrong....."

E |------------------------------------------------|

B |------------------------------------------------|

G |--5---7-7-7---5---7-7-7---5---7-7---------------|

D |--5---7-7-7---5---7-7-7---5---7-7--4--4-4-4--5--|

A |--3---5-5-5---3---5-5-5---3---5-5--4--4-4-4--5--|

E |-----------------------------------2--2-2-2--3--|

so the chord progression is A-D-A-D-A-D-F#-G


part C:


E |---------------------------------------------|

B |---------------------------------------------|

G |-----5------5------5--7--7---------2---------|

D |--7--5---7--5---7--5--7--7--6-5-5--3---------|

A |--7--3---7--3---7--3--5--5--6-5-5--3---------|

E |--5------5------5-----------4-3-3--1---------|


part D:



E |--3h5-5-5-5--3-5-----------3--3h5-5-5-5-3-5s7-7-5-5s3---------------|

B |-----------------5--3--3h5------------------------------5-5-3h5-5-5-|

G |--------------------------------------------------------------------|

D |--------------------------------------------------------------------|

A |--------------------------------------------------------------------|

E |--------------------------------------------------------------------|


E |-------------|

B |-3-5-5-5-3-5-|

G |-------------|

D |-------------|

A |-------------|

E |-------------|




i'm a man

i'm real proud of my manhood

i like to smoke

ten thousand cigarillos

eight ball

i could climb any fountain

i never cry

i only bawl when i'm losing

and i've never been wrong

never been wrong

i'm looking so good

looking so good


got a big gold gun

got a big gold bullet

and i guess you could say

i'm real full of it

i'm real full of it

i'm real full of it

you wanna see my peccadillos

hot dog 7:30 every morning

and i'm big into war

big into war

big into war


i am a whore

i am a whore


got a big gold gun


is shave with gilette

shave with gilette

and i'm patting my back

patting my back

got a big gold bullet



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