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Lullabye(Goodnight, My Angel) by Billy Joel



G then Cm6/G, G again, and finally C(add2)

Repeat this twice



G Cm6/G Cm/G G

Good-night, my an-gel, time to close your eyes,

D7sus4 D7 D7/E Em D/C C

and save these ques-tions for an - oth - er day.

G Cm6/G G Cm/6 G

I think I know what you've been ask - ing me.

D7sus4 D7 D7/E Em D/E D/A A

I think you know what I've been trying to say

Am7 G/B C6 Cmaj7 G/D Dsus4/C D/C

I prom-ised I would nev - er leave_____ you,

G G/F C(add2)/E C/E G/D

and you should al-ways know___________

G7/D C G/C Am7/C G/B Asus4

wher-ev-er you may go, ___ no mat-ter where you are, __

A A7 C/D D6 C/D

__ I nev-er will be far a - way.




Good-night, my an-gel, now it's time to sleep,

and still so man - y things I want to say.

Re-mem-ber all the songs you sang for me

when we went sail-ing on an em - rald bay.

And like a boat out on the o - cean,

I'm rock-ing you to sleep.___________

The wa-ter's dark and deep_ in-side this an-cient heart_

_ you'll al-ways be a

part of me.



Gm F Bb F Gm Cm6/Eb D


Gm F Bb Cm6 Gm/D Cm6/Eb D


G7 G(#5) G7b9 G(#5) G7 Cm(add9) Cm


A7 A6 A7(B9) A6 Am7/D D D9


G Cm6/G G Cm/G G

Good-night my an-gel, not it's time to dream,

D7sus4 D7 D7/E Em Bm D/C C

and dream how won-der-ful your life will be.

G Cm6/G G G7/F C/E G7/D A/C#

Some-day your child may cry, and if you sing this lull- a -bye,

Cm6 G/B Cm/A G/B A7 D7sus4 D7 G

then in your heart there will al-ways be a part of me.


G Cm6/G G C(add2)

G Cm6/G G C(add2)


G Cm6/G G G7/F C/E G7/D A/C#

Some-day we'll all be gone but lull- a- byes go on and on.

Cm6 G/B Cm/A G/B A7 D7sus4 D7

They nev - er die, that's how you and_ I will

G Cm/6 G G7 Cm/G Fm/G Adim/G D7sus4/G G





Sorry there's kind of alot


A (x02220) D (xx0232)

Am7 (x02010) D7 (xx0212)

Am7/C (x32010) D7/E (000212)

Asus4 (x02230) D7sus4 (xx0213)

A6 (x02222) D7sus4/G (300213)

A7 (x02020) Dsus4/C (xsx233)

A/C# (x31112) D/A (x00232)

A7(b9) (xx2323) D/C (x3x232)

Am7/D (xx0010) D/E (xx2232)

Adim/G (301212) D6 (xx0303)

Bb (xx3331) D9 (x21222)

Bm (xx4432) D7/E (000212)

C (x32010) D7sus4 (xx0213)

Cm (xx3321) Dsus4/C (x3x233)

C/D (xx0010) Em (022000)

C/E (032010) F (x33211)

C6 (032210) Fm/G (333111)

Cm6/Eb (xx1213) G (320003)

Cm6 (x20132) Gm (xx3111)

Cm6/G (3x121x) G7 (320001)

C(add2) (x32020) G7/D (xx0001)

Cm/G (3x5543) G7/F (xx3003)

Cmaj7 (x32000) G7/D (xx0001)

Cm(add9) (x31033) G/C (x3x003)

C(add2)/E (x32030) G/B (x20003)

G/D (xx0003)

G/F (xx3003)

Gm/D (xx0333)

G(#5) (xx3221)

G7b9 (xx2131)

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The Tablature is Copyright its respective owners.

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