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Ben Folds tabs @ 911Tabs


Ben Folds Five

Eddie Walker



#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------#

#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the#

#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.#



From: Ryan Hughes

Subject: Subject: b/ben_folds_five/eddie_walker.crd

Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 10:52:22 -0700


Eddie Walker by Ben Folds Five

Transcribed by Ryan Hughes


A A/C# D

Won't you smile you look so shocked


Put the name tag on your smock

E7 A/C# D E

We've come to see you Eddie Walker

A A/C# D

We may pack a little tight


The girl up front says it's all right

E7 A/C#

and look there's more of us

D A/C#

still gettin off the bus


we wish you'd come back home with us

A/C# A/F# A/E D

Eddie Walker this is your life


D/C# D/B

D/A E/G# E/F#


A A/C# D

This one's you when you were small


and you're learning how to walk

E7 A/C# D

they pick you up and you keep fallin down

A A/C# D

There you are with aunt Louise


you're bouncing on her knees

E7 A/C# D

remember all those trees behind the garden

A/C# D

they're gone


they all got cut down when she died

A/C# A/F# A/E D

Eddie Walker this is your life

D/C# D/B

You never had a son or a wife

D/A E/G# E/F# E

you sure had a hell of a time

A/C# A/F# A/E D

oh Eddie walker this is your life


D/A E/G# E/F# E


D A/C#

This one's you and Mary Jo


She couldn't come she says hello

F#dim7 Fdim7 A

No Eddie Walker she doesn't hate your guts

Fdim7 A

It's just the whole thing shook her up

D#dim D Fdim7

How they picked you up and you kept falling down

A/C# A/F# A/E D

oh Eddie walker

D/A E/G# E/F#

this is your life

A/C# A/F# A/E D

no Eddie Walker this is your life

D/C# D/B

You never had a coat or a tie

D/A E/G# E/F# E

You never had a reason to cry


Fm D A E

Fm D A E

Fm D A E

A/C# D


A A/C# D

This whole stack and all of these


Your semester overseas

E7 A/C# D

We're gonna leave you Eddie Walker



This is how I voice the chords


A= 5,7,7,6,5,X

A/C#= X,4,7,6,5,X

D= X,5,7,7,7,X

E= X,7,6,4,5,X

E7= X,5,6,4,6,X

A/F#= X,X,4,6,5,X

A/E = X,7,X,6,5,X


>From the chorus using the descending bassline


D X,5,7,7,7,X

D/C# X,4,7,7,7,X

D/B 7,X,7,7,7,X

D/A 5,X,7,7,7,X

E/G# 4,X,X,4,5,4

E/F# 2,X,X,4,5,4

E 0,2,2,1,0,0 ----within the verse I use the other E voicing


from the Mary jo verse


D#dim X,6,7,8,7,X

F#dim7 X,9,10,8,10,X

Fdim7 X,8,9,7,9,X


Instrumental part before the last verse


F#m 2,4,4,2,2,2

D X,5,7,7,7,5

A 5,7,7,6,5,5

E 0,2,2,1,0,0


A/C# X,4,7,6,5,X

D X,5,7,7,7,X


I think that is all. Thanks to Skip for submitting the other

Ben Folds songs. This is my favorite band, and Id like

to help some other guitarists play their material. -Ryan




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The Tablature is Copyright its respective owners.

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