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Date: Tue, 12 Jan 93 11:09:11 -0600

From: Scott A. Yanoff <>



It seems not too long ago many people were posting their rendition of this

song and such, so I decided to take every version of this song that was

posted and turn it into what I thought was a decent version, based on sound

and ease of play.


The Beatles


In My Life



Main Riff: E----5-----0-4-




There are places I'll remember

A F#m


All my life though some have changed

Bm Dm A


Some for ever not for better

A F#m


Some have gone, and some remain.

Bm Dm A


All these places have their moments

F#m Bm


With lovers and friends, I still can recall



Some are dead and some are living

F#m Bm


In my life, I've loved them all

D Dm A


{Repeat main riff, and continue as verse above}


But of all these friends and lovers

There is no one compared with you

And these memories lose their meaning

When I think of love as something new

Thought I know I'll never lose affection

For people and things that went before

I know I'll often stop and think about them

In my life I'll love you more

In my life I'll love you more


At the end, there is the first riff above, then a higher Dm (played as a bar

chord at the 5th fret) then the riff below:


E7 A

Last Riff: E----5-----0-4----4--2--4--5






A x 0 2 2 2 0

F#m 2 4 4 2 2 2 (Bar across 2nd fret)

Bm x x 4 4 3 2

Dm x x 0 2 3 1

G 3 2 0 0 3 3




Date: Thu, 6 Jul 1995 19:24:42 -0400

From: (Chris da Costa)

Subject: In My Life by The Beatles


Here's my interpretation of the intro and finale to "In My Life" by The

Beatles. I encourage any corrections to be sent to

The chords are in a file which is already available. Enjoy!



e -|-------5-------------------4---------5-------------------4-|

B -|--2---------2----3----5---------2---------2----3----5------|

G -|-----------------------------------------------------------|

D -|-----------------------------------------------------------|

A -|-----------------------------------------------------------|

E -|-----------------------------------------------------------|


Then the ending:


e -|--------5------------------4--------4----2----4---5--------|

B -|---2--------2----3----5------------------------------------|

G -|-----------------------------------------------------------|

D -|-----------------------------------------------------------|

A -|-----------------------------------------------------------|

E -|-----------------------------------------------------------|



Hope you like it!





-Chris da Costa .----.

** ** | ÛÛ |

** ** .---.---| |---.---.

My Useful Finger ==> |___|___|____|___|___|



Date: Sun, 15 Sep 96 23:31:15 IDT

From: (netanel benmena)

Subject: InMyLife_TheBeatles_TAB_ONLY!!



This tab mades to play on Amajor like on the original album, not like chorded b by y

Jim Campobello#P,E2q(sorry(one step up)Xx=gNeq).

In My Life


By The Beatles


From The Rubber Sole Album


Tab By Roi Ben Menachem, Israel
























Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 21:18:06 -0500

From: "Laurence R. Watson" <>

Subject: TAB: IN MY LIFE


FROM: Stuart Watson



This is the famous Beatles song In My Life.

It appeared on their 1965 album Rubber Soul.

John sang this one. I have also tabbed out

the electric piano solo by SIR:George Martin.





(A) (E)












(A) (E7) (F#m) (A7) (D) (Dm) (A)

There are places I'll remember, all my life, though some have




(E7) (F#m) (A7) (D)(Dm) (A)

Some forever, not for better, some have gone and some remain.




(F#m) (Bm) (G) (A)

All these places had their moments, with lovers and friends, I still

can recal.


(F#m) (B) (D) (A)

Some are dead and some are living. In my life I've loved them all.





































The rest of the song is the same except

for this little bit at the end:



(E7) (A)











A- 566755

E7- 020100

F#m- 244222

A7- 575655

D- X57775

Dm- X57765

Bm- X24432

G- 355433

B- X24442


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The Tablature is Copyright its respective owners.

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