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Beastie Boys

OK Lyrics





You talk and talk and you just can't stop

But when it comes to mine - it's a crock

What you say, is lackluster

I thrash emcees who try to bring a filibuster



Yeah, right, get off me

Tell me somethin new to start with thee

Said see you later, when you comin home?

It's a gift, it's a curse, it's a telephone


[Mike D]

Now let's start over with a nice clean slate

Please stop stressin with the hurry up wait

Heard you the first time, that sounds great

But back up out my space, okay?


(Yeah yeah, right right) OKAY!

Okay [4X]


[Mike D]

wrapped in pink ribbon, so pretty

My name's Mike D from New York City

I guess it's all, in the mind

What, I, leave, behind



Go to these schools like a nice mad professor

Then I show chagrin every word that you utter

Yes you said you are a big deal

But money calm down - for real!



Got, to control my mind

Get this shit down rewind

What, is goin on in my head?

Why's the sky gone red?


(What is goin on in my head? Why's the sky gone red?)

(What is goin on in my head? ...)


[repeat 3X]

What is goin on in my head? Why's the sky gone red?


(What is goin on in my head?)



Now, I don't give a fuck who the hell you are

Please stop shoutin in your seminar

I never asked you for part of your day

So please stop shoutin and you'll feel okay



You loud like a plain clothes cop

Take a look and take a look and then stop

Took a minute get your mind unlocked

Get the rhythm when I do you the wop


[Mike D]

What's goin on in in my head?

And why has the sky gone red?

Be kind, rewind

At least tell me what I disagreed

or just say what should I say

Hmmm... okay!


(Yeah yeah, right, right) OKAY!


Okay! [4X]

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