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Band: Avril Lavigne

Song: I Can Do Better

Album: The Best Damn Thing

Tuning 4-string: E A D G

Tabbed by ClosedRoad


Not the most difficult tab but pretty cool


Intro / Verse

G -------------------------------------|

D -------------------------------------|

A -3333333333333333--------------------| 5x

E ------------------33333333-11111111--|


Pre Chorus

G ----------------------|

D ----------------------|

A -0-0-----0-0----------|

E -----1-1-----1-1-3-3--|



G ----------------------------------------------------------------------|

D ----------------------------------------------------------------------| 2x

A -3333333333333333-----------------------------------------------------|

E ------------------3333333333333333-5555555555555555-1111111111111111--|


Verse 5x

Pre chorus 1x

Chorus 2x



G ------|

D ------| that's all

A -3-3--|

E ------|


Wait for a wile only drums then:


Chorus 1x


Chorus variation

G ------------------------------------------------------------------------|

D ------------------------------------------------------------------------|

A -3333333333333333-------------------------------------------------------|

E ------------------3333333333333333-5555555555555555-1111111111/17171717-|


Chorus 2x


End on

G ----|

D ----|

A -3--|

E ----|


That's it

Have fun

Greetings ClosedRoad

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The Avril Lavigne Bass Tablature is Copyright its respective owners.

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