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Avril Lavigne

All You Will Never Know

Let Go B-Side

2001 BMG records


Key: F#


Tuning: Standard EADGBe


Chords used:

F# - 244322

C# - x46664

B - x24442

Ebm - x68876

Bbm - x13321

E - 022100

Abm - 466444



Intro: F#-- x4



Verse 1:

F# C#

You're indecisive when it


comes to making any plans


you're on the fence


you give me reasons I


never seem to understand

B C#

they don't make sense



Refrain 1:

Ebm E

maybe ain't enough for my heart

B C#

we'll see, ain't off to a great sta-art

Ebm E

baby, I want you to be mine

B C#

you better hurry cause if I change my mi-ind





You will never know,

B C#

what it means, to love me


and you will never know,

B C#

what these two lips taste like to kiss


you can just suppose to what

C# F# C# B Bbm B

my body feels like to ho--ol-d


hope you can deal with

all you will never know



Post Chorus: F#-- x2



Verse 2:


I wanna know you what's

C# B

hiding behind this wall


who you really are


I wanna meet you on the


other side of this charade

B C#

wherever the cards may fall



Refrain 2:

Ebm E

I'm ready to give you my heart

B C#

yea I'm willing to show up for my pa-art

Ebm E

baby, I want you to be mine,

B C#

you better hurry 'cause if I change my mi-ind



(Repeat Chorus)




Ebm B Abm

about me what I see


what I believe in

Bbm B Abm C#

how I breathe when I weep



(Repeat Chorus)



Outro: F#-- x5, F#--C#-B(hold)

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