American Music Awards Producer Interview

Recently, I got the amazing opportunity to Interview one of the most respected Producers in the industry; Larry Klein (Producer of the American Music Awards). Here is the interview...


Hi Mr. Klein. I am the owner/operator of Matt's Music Page located at First of all, I would like to thank you for this opportunity to interview you. It's amazing how far we have come technologically that I can interview you through a computer. Anyways, here's the questions:


1. What is the most difficult aspect of producing a huge show such as the AMA's?

Matt, I think the most difficult part of producing a show like the American Music Awards is coordinating all the different artists . This year there are 18 performances, as well as all the presenters, plus the scenic, lighting and graphic elements. On a live show, there's no chance for error and ya gotta come in on time.


2. What made you want to be a producer?

So I could get free CDs. Just kidding. In reality, I always thought producers had the coolest gigs.


3. There's always hype about the gift baskets. Are there any secrets you can share about what will be given out this time around?

Nowadays, the gift bags get as much press as the shows. Ours will include trips to Italy, custom made water fountains for your house, jewelry, art, clothes, weekends at different spas, etc, etc, etc.


4. Did you find any difficulties in changing the way live television is presented after the Janet Jackson incident?

Most of live TV has been on a delay system for several years ranging from 5-10 seconds just in case the unexpected occurs. By the way, Janet will be on the show next month.


5. How did you end up working with Dick Clark?

Just hit it lucky. Got a job as a runner many years ago and worked up to a producer.


6. What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job?

When it clicks . When ya know "it's da bomb" hearing audience reactions and the wrap party afterwards with the dancing girls.


7. How many people do you anticipate watching the awards in person? How many on television?

The shrine auditorium holds 6000 people. Since we're broadcast in roughly 100 countries, the total viewership could be in the neigborhood of 100 million.


8. Do you find your job gets easier with more experience, or more difficult from new challenges? Explain.

Little of both. Ya gotta stay on top of all the new technology as well as all genres of music. The new challenges are what keeps it exciting.


Thank you matt...this was very cool!


I would just like to once again thank you for this opportunity to interview you. I wish you great success with the AMA's and your other ventures.



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