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Date: Sun, 11 Aug 1996 14:53:59, -0500


Subject: Re: Bryson


I got E-mail from Mr. Thomas Hamilton....stating "you believe that

bullshit." We aren't using........


Intro - all chords are 2 strums each!

7th Bm..6th E9..3rd G..5th A.. 7th Bm..6th E9..3rd G.. 5thA..

Vocals start in right now!!

7th Bm..6th E9..3rd G..5th A..7th Bm..6th E9..3rd G..5th A..

Words start now or atleast the reconginzeable ones anyway!!

{I:7th Bm..3rd G..5th D..4th C#..2nd Bsus4..2nd Bm..1st C#.. 2nd



II: 2nd Bm w./m. 2nd G/B w./m. 2nd A/B w./m. 2nd Bm w./m. :II

D. all chords 2 strums each except F#sus4 that's 4strums

D..B7..Em..C#/E#..F#..A/G..D..A7sus4/E..F#sus4:II (listen to the song

I forget what is meant by this :II...sorry but I have the whole song

it is both chords and tab combined)

lead starts in now!!




____II___________I___________ I____________ I





_________I______________________I___________________ I

_________I______________________I____9 +w-__7_6______I

_9w__9w_I __7__11 +1/2- 11__9____I__8_ I__I ___I__I__9_7__I

________ I______________________I_______________ I__I__I





_______________I_7w___9w___7__9 +w-__7__6__9 +w-___7__6____________

__6. ___6___4w__I________________________________________9__7_6_____






_____________ GO TO C THEN FADE OUT ON THOSE 4






example 9w = 9 but with a circle around it!!

" " 6. = look at the tab and listen to music while

playing this!!

" " +w- = a whole note up then hold it down again!!

" " +1/2- = a half of a note up then down again while

holding it out!!

" " in the chord top part w./m. is whole measure

I'm pretty sure I explained everything if you need any help with

where the fingers go on the chords make sure you E me at !!!!!!






"You've got to LOSE to know how to WIN!"

-Steven Tyler

"It's not the cough that takes you's the COFFIN they put

you IN that takes you AWAY!"

-Steven Tyler





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