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Lyrics of 50 Cent Songs

50 Cent

Man's World


[Intro: 50 Cent]

What you sayin boy, boy? (boy)

Ha ha! Said what you sayin boy, boy? (boy)


[Chorus: 50 Cent]

See, the weak get walked on, the soft get barked on

See me, I never ever ever runnnn

Niggaz say the wrong shit to me, like he wan' do me

Somebody lead him with my gunnnn

What you sayin boy? You think I'm playin boy?

Watch your mouth girl, this a man's world

What you sayin boy? You think I'm playin boy?

Watch your mouth girl, this a man's world


[50 Cent]

Listen nigga you play me, and I'ma go crazy

You push me I'ma motherfuckin trip

I come trippin through yo' set, bustin off my tec

I gives a fuck if you's a Blood or a Crip

Nigga from J.F.K. to L.A.X. I'm back through the sets again

Gangsta life that's right, crazy-ass Mexicans

Do it the raw way, broad day, AK

Spray cause a melee, mayday mayday!

Freak bitch suck me on tape like Ray J

Niggaz that I'm up against know they can't fade me

I'm the last one, you know the last don

She know she wan' come, bitch bring ya ass on!




[50 Cent]

See I come from the Southside where niggaz is outside

Right now with the rubber grips

Niggaz say they gon' see me, to hit 'em on G.P.

Then I bless 'em with the chains full of bricks

When you come from where I'm from, you come from the bottom

They ain't supposed to get this rich

So the Fed's got my phone tapped to treat me like Fat Cat

Now I'm thinkin "Man ain't this a bitch!"

Niggaz stick cola in cola, from movin the yola

Next thing you know they up in yo' crib

Sayin where's the stash at? You move they gon' blast that

So I suggest you stand still kid




[Outro: 50 Cent]

This a man's world...

Watch your mouth girl, this a man's world

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