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Lyrics of 50 Cent Songs

50 Cent

After My Cheddar


Aye what's up

Yo this is 50 Cent and I'm here with my man DJ On Point

And you know why his name is On Point cuz he on point pussy

Go 'head play that shit I'll lay ya fucking punk ass out nigga



When you frown at me (Yeah!)

Is it cuz I won't provide for you girl? (Cuz I won't provide)

You're after my cheddar (haha)

And your friends they see it too (c'mon)

Spending notes is what your up to (Is this what you want??)

Women are after my cheddar

(Is this what you want?!)


[Verse 1: 50 Cent]

I gave you a style, Gucci this Fendi that (Yeah)

Burberry bag, shoes and the hat to match (Aha)

I like the way it look but bitch I ain't buying that

I hate to be the bearer of bad news

But no more Prada shoes (Uh!)

When I just wanna chill you wanna go out (WOO!)

See me poly with some other chick you wanna show out

They say I'm wrong when I dog your ass like I should

Now you can reminisce on the times I treated you good




[Verse 2: Lloyd Banks]

You could think about me grinding my fans (Yeah!)

You even got more than one watch on it's too much time on your hands (Aha)

They say behind every good man is a woman (WOO!)

So if Tash pull up stash the cannon in your linnen (C'mon)

I'll never be a chouffer to the mall

So learn to appreciate the CD's and posters on the wall

Fatal attraction is mad real

The last bitch I deaded went crazy and swallowed thirty Advils




[Verse 3: Lloyd Banks]

They say money makes the world go 'round

And material things make a hoe go down (Fuh sho'!)

I see you in your Prada, Gucci, and BCBG (Aha)

Bitch I'm getting rich but I don't trick on GP (Yeah)

It's $5 dresses and $10 skirts

Bitch play the strip and put in work (WOO!)

Birds wanna have my baby since I saw my contract

So I gotta double up in case the condom snap




Look, don't ask me for shit, man

I ain't got nothing for you, man

Yo, what? Bitch what the fuck you mean I can't sing, bitch?

Bitch, I'm Luther Vandross in the shower

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