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Jackolantern's Weather

Well I beat a bad rap when I skip a soul trap

Just trippin' and laughin' at the crap

Dap is what I get the best skins that I hit

You know we rock the fuckin' joint and we split

Singin' an ryhmin's what I’m better for

When I describe I’m a scribe with a metaphor

I use a simile lightly cuz that shits played

The common way most ryhmes are made, ya know

I rock like this, I flow like that

But all those comparisons are just that

Kickin' different styles, I'll be right here

Today, tomorrow, next week and next year

I always say what I feel and that is a promise

Nothing in life is above being honest

Sauna is cool compared to being on stage

But that's the way it's gotta go in the stone age


The fame in my game I name rapture

Like a polished rock I'll make it shine for sure

Word is that I've travelled become unravelled

I been around the world baby, gimme an apple

I'll be your boogie man rather than son-of-sam

What I am is what I am

Though we don't have too long to love a day a night

We only love those who love us right back, right


The kid is smart the kid is clever

Stompin' in jack-o-lantern's weather

Backpack strapped cuz the world is cold

Headphones pumpin' don't ya know


The kid is smart the kid is clever

Stompin' in jack-o-latern's weather

Rocks his hood and playes it mellow

While maple leaves change into yellow


And yo, shit, damn, homey at it again

Tryin' to beat my high score ever since the age of ten

See my high score flash on the back glass

I was malcontented doug in gifted class

Now heres the deal we came to heal we gonna rock in Rio

Oh no, it's not a joke it's how we feel

Put to test like a sugar ray scientist, come on

I'm always dancing in my sunday best

I'm betting on my bliss and my path is lit see

The microphone is live and i'm rockin' my body

Smooth like Reggie Miller in an airborne freeze frame

Funky like the kung-fu that can put you to shame




I'm like hey wait a minute

Give a check on two then I'm ready to begin it

With a boom boom bap coming outta your trunkies

Give a fat shout out to the phunk junkeez

Striken like a cancer taken chances

But I love to see the girl windin' like the belly dancer

Standin' up front with a tight stomach showin

Me on stage singin', flowin'

We just kickin' it live, we just kickin' it live

Cuz if you can't kick it live you gonna die

Fraid so punk, quit talkin' junk

You need a live show like a ball player needs a dunk





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